Solo exhibitions and events


14-15 December, Meeting the Shadow, curated by Maddalena Passi Pinciroli, Paese, Treviso (It) Quaglia Square. See event


11 September - 13 October, The Persistence of the Shadow, Solo exibition curated by Micol Martinelli Perinati, Antwerpen (BE), Insularte Gallery, Verbindingsdok 30 Westkaai (Link).


  • 26 January, Lucio’s Shadow, Meeting the Shadow, events by Emanuela Agnoli, Bologna, Piazza dei Celestini.  (Link)


  • 10th August. Meeting the Shadow, by CortinainCroda, Cortina, Corso Italia. See event


  • 1st October - 27th November. Meeting the Shadow, Venice, Palazzo Malipiero.
  • 1st August - 30th September. Meeting the Shadow, curated by Alessandro del Puppo, Malborghetto (Udine), Palazzo Veneziano Museum. See event


  • 27th - 28th  March. The Shadow, the Man and the City, curated by Miho Tagomori, Tokyo (JP), Mori Art Museum, Roppongi Hills Moti Tower. See event
  • 21st May. The Hallway of the Shadows, curated by Ivan Bianchi and Alssandro Bertoni, Venice, Ca’ Foscari University. See event


  • 28th - 29th June. Shadows in Concert, curated by Cristine Polin, Treviso, Quartiere Latino. See event
  • 5th - 6th September. The Emancipated Shadow, Asolo – Treviso (IT), AsoloArtFilmFestival. See event
  • 5th June - 30th August. Meeting the Shadow, curated by Luca Facchini, Venice, Palazzo Malipiero. See event


  • 26th - 27th July. The Sexy Side of a Shadow, curated by Cristine Polin Jesolo - Venice (IT), Piazza Mazzini. See event
  • 31st August - 1st September. Discovery of the Shadow, curated by Walter Davanzo, Asolo - Treviso (IT), Piazza Garibaldi. See event


  • 26th Settembre - 7th October. Shadows and People, curated by Martin Stiglio, Toronto (CA), Italian Cultural Institute and Italian Consulate. See event
  • 12th July - 2nd August. Art in the City, curated by Cristine Polin, Jesolo – Venice (IT), Palazzo del turismo.
  • 3rd - 4th March. Meeting the Shadow, Montreal (CA), Nuit Blanche, Place des Arts. See event