Solo exhibitions and events


  • 7th September - 7th  October. Liberated Shadows, Toronto (CA), Bata Museum and Mittica Gallery. See event
  • 23rd February - 24th March. Le Vestibule de l’Ombre, Paris Montrouge (FR), miniartextil, Salon de l’Hotel de Ville. See event
  • 5th - 20th July. Shadows Tell Stories, Ascoli Piceno, Piazza del Popolo and Licini Contemporary Art Museum.


  • 4th December 2004 - 16th January 2005. The Elusive Surface, curated by Ron Sedran, Toronto (CA), Bibianne Gallery. See event
  • 24th September - 29th October. Filophilo, curated by Luciano Caramel, Como (IT), San Francis church. See event.


  • 27th August - 26th November. David’s Shadow, curated by Corrado Paina, Toronto (CA), Hummingbird Centre.


  • 8th - 30th June. The Untraceable Surface, curated by Pierre Restany, Treviso (IT), Casa dei Carraresi. See event


  • 4th March - 15th May. Comisso’s Shadow and the Bronsa Sinking, curated by Cino Boccazzi, Treviso (IT), Canale dei Buranelli and Spazio Piola.


  • 10th October - 1st November. Wayfaring, curated by Simonetta Panciera, Castell'Arquato – Piacenza (IT), Antico Palazzo della Pretura.
  • 27th November - 13th December. Speaking with the Shadows, curated by Flavia Casagranda, Bassano – Vicenza (IT), Chiesetta dell’Angelo.


  • 3rd - 25th April. Traspareti, curated by Grazia Chiesa, Milan (IT), Studio D’Ars.
  • 30th May - 21st July. Another Woman in the Thunderstorm, curated by Paolo Trevisi, Treviso (IT), Palazzo Borso.


  • 8th November - 6th December. Speaking with the Shadows, curated by Renato Cardazzo, Venice (IT), Naviglio Gallery. See event
  • 12th - 29th June. The Journey, curated by Alessandro Dall’Agnola, Feltre – Belluno (IT), Fondaco delle Biade


  • 22nd March. Spell, curated by Marzo Meneguzzo and Enzo Cannaviello, Milan, Paolo Pini Art Museum.
  • 16th July - 25th September. Traspareti, curated by Roberta Castellani, San Donato Milanese - Milan (IT), Hotel Forte Crest.