Solo exhibitions and events


  • 11th June- 31st July. Works and Days, curated by Pierre Restany, Stra – Venice (IT), Villa Pisani Museum, Venice Biennale.


  • 19th - 31st May. Unwovens and Traspareti, curated by Eugenio Manzato, Treviso (IT), Nec Ente.


  • 5th June - 3rd July. Trasparenti: between Light and Shadow, Treviso (IT), Pubblilux space.


  • 10th April - 4th May. Tras-Pa-Reti, curated by Stefania Corazzini, Milan (IT), Studio D’Ars Gallery.
  • 25th November - 12th December. Meeting with Mario Martinelli, curated by Michele Caldarelli, Milan (IT), Dissemination Studio.


  • 12th November - 6th December. Stonen, curated by Rudiger Muller, Koln (DE), Roswitha Tittel Gallery.
  • 6th December - 4th February. The Unwovens, curated by Grazia Chiesa, Bologna (IT), Banca Popolare di Milano.


  • 4th - 17th February. La Surface Introuvable, curated by Luigi Meneghelli, Verona (IT), Prisma Gallery.
  • 29th April - 24th May. The Untraceable Surface, curated by Paolo Ruffilli Treviso (IT), Casa dei Carraresi.
  • 20th January- 27th February. Red & Black, Bologna (IT), 9 Colonne Gallery.


  • 17th - 29th October. La surface introuvable, curated by Enrico Baj, Paris (FR), Galérie Berranno.


  • 3rd June - 28th July. Unweaving, curated by by Grigore Arbore and Franco Solmi, Prato – Florence (IT), Palazzo Novellucci.
  • 17th - 22th June. Unwovens, Venice (IT), San Marco Square, Bevilacqua La Masa Gallery.
  • 3rd - 29th September. Unwovens, The Hague (NL), Rijsvijk European P.O.


  • 3rd - 29th November. Unwovens, Groningen (NL), Rijksuniversiteit.